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I am in my 30’s and currently reside in Chaumont Bay, NY on Lake Ontario. I have a wife and two beautiful daughters who love to get out on the water with me. I have fished my entire life, but began tournament fishing in 2007.  After being injured during my military service I was left with a shattered left leg, two herniated discs in my lower back, and a mild traumatic brain injury. After returning to the states I had a long year and a half of physical therapy. At this time my company commander allowed me to move off post to work on my recovery.  I chose to move to Toledo bend and rented a cottage which is when I got into tournament fishing. After completing physical therapy and rehab, I left the military and moved back to NY where I have continued to tournament fish and improve on my skillset. From my front door I can see where Brandon Palaniuck won Elite series event “The battle on the river."

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